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Cloud computing has been around for some time now. But not many people believe they can do all their computing in the cloud.

本文摘要:Cloud computing has been around for some time now. But not many people believe they can do all their computing in the cloud. Not many, that is, outside the brainaics at the Googleplex.云计算早已火了一阵子。

Cloud computing has been around for some time now. But not many people believe they can do all their computing in the cloud. Not many, that is, outside the brainaics at the Googleplex.云计算早已火了一阵子。不过没有多少人指出所有的计算出来都能在云端已完成。“没有多少人”的意思是——除了谷歌(Google)总部的智囊们,没有多少人这么看。With its line of Chromebooks made by various hardware partners, Google (GOOG) began testing in earnest the idea that tech users could live their digital lives almost entirely in the cloud. The low-cost laptops, which are powered by the Chrome operating system first went on sale in 2011. They only run Web-based applications, not traditional desktop programs, and eschew the trappings of traditional laptops such as an optical disc reader or large hard drive.谷歌之前早已开始与多家硬件商牵头生产Chromebook,现在,它开始严肃测试技术用户否几乎能在云端构建数字生活这个点子。

使用Chrome系统的低成本笔记本最先在2011年发售。它们只运营基于网络的应用于,而不运营传统的桌面程序,也防止了光驱和大硬盘这类传统的笔记本配件。After a sluggish start, Chromebooks are gaining momentum. But by and large, people buy them because they are cheap. I personally raved about the $250 Samsung Chromebook not because its a great computer, but because a) I already have a couple of Macs around the house, and b) at that price, I could afford to get an extra laptop and put up with the shortcomings of a Web-only device: no iTunes or iPhoto, no Skype, no Minecraft (if you dont know what that is, ask any third-grade boy), and subpar versions of word processing and spreadsheet programs.Chromebook最初反响平平,后来却渐渐受到市场注目。

不过总的来说,人们出售它的主要原因还是价格便宜。我个人对250美元的三星(Samsung)Chromebook赞不绝口,不是因为它有多么好,而是因为:第一,我家里早已有几台苹果Mac电脑了;第二,以这个低价位就能购买一台笔记本,而且我能拒绝接受一台不能网际网路的电脑的各种缺点,比如说没iTunes或iPhoto,没Skype,没Minecraft(如果你不告诉这是什么,随意回答个三年级小孩吧),而文字处理和电子制表程序也过于好。Now Google is making a bet that some people will want to live entirely in the cloud -- not primarily because it is cheaper -- but because it is better. On Thursday, it unveiled the Chromebook Pixel, a laptop as stylish and fast as any ultrabook. (That category was created by Intel (INTC) to help boost flagging PC sales; so far, no luck.) Googles Pixel has a full-sized keyboard and a super-high-resolution display that works as a touchscreen, like many newer PCs running Microsoft (MSFT) Windows 8.现在,谷歌坚信一些人想几乎过上云生活——某种程度是因为它低廉——还因为它更佳。

周四谷歌公布了Chromebook Pixel。这款笔记本的时尚感和速度能与任何超级本相媲美。

【超极本始自英特尔(Intel),以提振一路下降的PC机销量。不过到目前为止,好运仍未复活。】谷歌的Pixel享有全尺寸键盘和高分辨率触摸屏,像许多新的PC机一样使用Windows 8系统。

谷歌分管Chrome和应用于的高级副总裁桑达?皮采上周四在旧金山公布Pixel时说:We think this is a real game changer in how people can start living the cloud, said Sundar Pichai, the senior vice president in charge of Chrome and apps at Google, as he unveiled the Pixel in San Francisco on Thursday. Maybe. But the catch is that the Pixel, which will ship next week, costs a jaw-dropping $1,299 for a WiFi-only model. A version with LTE to connect to high-speed cellular networks is coming in April and will cost $1,449.“我们指出这是一款革命性的产品,它将引导人们的云生活。”或许吧。不过关注点在于,将要运往全球各地的Pixel价格低约难以置信的1,299美元,这还是只反对Wifi的版本。将在四月发售、用于长年演变技术、相连高速细胞网络的版本价格将低约1,449美元。

Thats likely to be a tough sell. For $100 less than the base model, you can get a 13-inch MacBook Air from Apple (AAPL), the popularity of which essentially spurred the creation of the ultrabook category in the first place. The Air may not have a touch screen, but you can do all the cloud computing you want and run just about any desktop program. You can store your photos, music and videos, and yes, back them up in the cloud if you want.这款产品很有可能很差买。花上上比这台基础版较少100美元的价钱,你就能购买13英寸的苹果Macbook Air。


可以储存照片、音乐和视频。如果你不愿,还可以把它们备份在云系统里。So who will buy the Pixel? Pichai says that plenty of businesses have already embraced the concept of cloud computing and use Gmail and other Google apps for most of their productivity needs. Whats been lacking is a really good Chrome-based laptop, especially for software developers and other power users who demand speed and high-resolution displays. In my personal experience, its the fastest laptop I used, Pichai said.谁不会卖Pixel呢?皮采说大多数公司早已拒绝接受了云计算的概念,同时用于Gmail和其他谷歌应用于来符合自己的生产必须。

市场缺乏的就是确实好用的Chrome系统笔记本,特别是在是对软件开发商、以及必须低运算速度和高分辨率屏幕的超级用户而言。皮采说:“就我个人经历来说,这是我用过的最慢的笔记本。”As an additional enticement -- or perhaps to make up for its limitations -- the Pixel comes with a whopping 1 terabyte of free storage on Google Drive, enough to store most peoples photo and music collections many times over, for 3 years. In a couple of months, Google will also offer a Web-version of Quickoffice, which Google acquired last year, and which will provide better compatibility with Microsoft Office programs than Google Docs does currently.它还有个优点——有可能也是为了填补它的局限性——Pixel在Google Drive上具有极大的1TB在线存储空间,充足可供大多数人在3年中珍藏照片和音乐。

几个月之后,谷歌还不会获取去年取得的Quickoffice网络版本,它与微软公司(Microsoft)Office软件的兼容性比目前的Google Docs要更佳。The Pixel also represents Googles latest foray into hardware. Unlike prior Chromebooks, which were made by the likes of Samsung, Acer, and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), the Pixel is entirely a Google product, though it is being assembled by a contract manufacturer in Asia.Pixel也代表着谷歌对硬件的近期尝试。

不同于之前由三星(Samsung)、宏基(Acer)和惠普(Hewlett-Packard )等厂商生产的Chromebook,Pixel几乎是谷歌的产品,虽然它是由亚洲的一家签下制造商装配的。All indications suggest the transformation of Google from an Internet company into a computing company that makes both hardware and software will continue apace. On the hardware front, there will be Google Glass, of course, and more Nexus-branded mobile devices made by Google or its Android partners. There will also be handsets and tablets, made by Motorola Mobility, whichGoogle purchased for $12.5 billion. In the words of Larry Page, its all about keeping up with the unprecedented rate of change in personal computing. Its why weve put so much focus on devices, Page said during the companys most recent earnings call. Theyve been one of our biggest bets in the last few years -- along with the software to go with the devices, Chrome and Android.所有迹象都指出,谷歌正在加快从一家网络公司向同时生产硬、硬件的计算机公司转型。在硬件方面,将不会有谷歌眼镜(Google Glass),当然,还有许多谷歌和安卓合作伙伴生产的Nexus移动设备。

还将不会有谷歌125亿美元并购的摩托罗拉移动(Motorola Mobility)生产的手机和平板电脑。按照拉里?佩奇的众说纷纭,这都是为了跟上个人计算出来领域史无前例的剧变。佩奇在最近一次的收益电话会议上说道:“这就是为何我们要如此注目设备。

它们是我们最近几年来仅次于的希望之一——还包括与设备涉及的软件,Chrome和安卓。”It will be interesting to watch. If it succeeds, the Pixel would be a huge validation for Googles cloud-only vision of computing. The company has long hedged its bets with Android, which runs apps whether they live in the cloud or on the device itself. But no one in the industry would have more to gain if pure cloud computing becomes a truly viable alternative to the PC.未来的形势十分有意思。




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